craft vintage shows michiganGLP Events was started in 2014 by the husband and wife team of Justin & Danyel.  Danyel has always had a love and passion for crafting and creating wonderful works of art.  Justin has a background in business having owned others businesses including an electronics store, computer repair shop and an online retail store.  The idea came to them when Danyel setup at her first craft show in September of 2014.  Having spent 6 hours at the event and only seeing 7 customers, they knew there had to be a better way to run a successful craft show.  This is when they started to search for a hall and in December of 2014, they put on their first Holiday Craft Show.  The craft show was a huge success with 50 crafters and hundreds of customers coming through the door.

After the successful holiday show, they knew this was something they loved doing and wanted to continue doing them.  On average, they have hosted between 8-15 craft shows a year since.  Along with traditional craft shows the business has expanded.  They now run events such as the Chic & Unique Vintage Market, Beer Bash, Food Festivals, HarvestFests, Farmers Market & much more.  They also give a portion of the proceeds from events to local charities including buying toys for Children’s Hospital in Detroit.  Find out more about all of the wonderful events they have coming up at